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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Press 4 Times In The Phone Dialer 4 Numbers, Then See The Maximum.

Press 4 Times In The Phone Dialer 4 Numbers, Then See The Maximum
• Step 1 Download the Dialer Vault app by visiting the Google Play Store. Next, let's do the next. You now have to tap on grant permission.

• Step 2 Let's now allow. Now you have to give a que answer. This comes in handy when you forget the PIN.Fill it and click OK.
• Step 3 Now the 4 digit pin has to be inserted. If you want to put 4444 or whatever you can remember. Put a call and put it Now tap OK.
• Step 4 Now the app has become active. The app will open in front of you. The phone's gallery will be opened after clicking on the image. Go to images and tap on + mark. Select the photo you want to hydrate. Now they will be hyper in the dialer.
• Step 5 Similarly you can hide your photos, videos, contacts and files. You can also bring them back. For this you have to go to the image and tap on the photo and click on the eye shown above.

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