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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mobile Theft That Went Missing? Dial This Number, Police-Service Provider Will Be There.

Mobile Theft That Went Missing? Dial This Number, Police-Service Provider Will Be There :- Mobile theft is very common nowadays. The biggest thing is, it is very difficult to file a complaint if the mobile is lost. Now the government has declared 14422 helpline number to overcome this problem. Now people will be able to file a complaint of their mobile loss at this number and they will not be able to beat them.

Talking on or talking to 14422, the complaint will be registered and the service provider will search for your mobile. Let me tell you, the Ministry of Telecom will start the service in Maharashtra at the end of the month. By December this year, 21 services will be introduced in the country.
The Telecommunication Technology Center (C-DOT) has developed a Central Device Identity Register (CIRR) to get information about theft or lost mobile. It includes the mobile number, SIM number and IMEI number of each citizen. The C-DOT has developed the system to match the mobile model and IMIM number.

        This system will be given to the police of all the states in a gradual phase. As soon as the complaint of mobile forgery comes, the police and telecom service providers will get mobile model and IMEI number, if the IMEI number has been changed, that number will be closed. But special attention is that even after the mobile service is stopped, the police can track the mobile.
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