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Thursday, May 17, 2018


UNLOCKING THE MOBILE PHONE CALL AND SMS BEGIN TO MOVE FORM YOUR SPEAKERS :- Live Cities Desk: Nowadays, people are discussing a lot about Google Assistant. Virtual Assistant Google Assistant has started coming in to all Android smartphonesand you also have used it. A few days ago Google Assistant has been able to understand the Hindi language.Google Assistant is a Virtual Assistant, whichmakes it easy for you to work. This assistant can help you with your daily activities. Calendar, Gmail, Search, Photo, Map and many such apps start running from your speaking.It's like a real assistant who will answer your questions. From laughter to fun, morning alarms will do the necessary things for you. The most essential aspect, it is able to call and SMS on one of your gestures. It is possible that if you have any kind of stuff in either hand, you are in an emergency or you do not have the option of calling the speaker, instead of making a call, Google Assistant can call and SMS to anyone. 

How to call or message with the help of Google Assistant, learn ...Call from Google Assistant Google's Virtual Assistant can help you call your friends, relatives and relatives in your contact list by giving voice commands. For this you have to keep your phone's home button pressed for afew seconds. After this your Google Assistant will be activated. Here you can say 'OK Google' and after that you can order the call. For example, you have saved your father's name as 'dad', then say - call dad.
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